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3-Minute Journal Of Joy

3-Minute Journal Of Joy

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The best way to find joy is simply to look for it every day. Maybe you'll experience it in the tickle of a kitten's whiskers against your face, the gentle quiet of the season's first snowfall, the luxury of a few minutes all to yourself, or the sound of heartfelt laughter with friends. Even on days when nothing seems to go right, something around you can brighten your mood and change your outlook if you just spend a few minutes focusing on it. And if you spread that joy to others, their day will be brightened alongside yours. With this in mind, allow The 3-Minute Journal of Joy to be your guide as you record moments of blessing and cultivate an overall posture of joy.

Each day, you will be presented with a set of three prompts:

  • One word to describe today
  • What brought me joy
  • How I spread joy

At the end of the year, you will have a beautiful record of joy-filled moments.

  • Author - Short: Ink & Willow
  • Pages (actual): 384
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