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Drop-In Kit - Popcorn

Drop-In Kit - Popcorn

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Movie night gets an upgrade with homegrown popcorn! This popcorn seed starting kit is packaged in a nutrient-rich, 100% biodegradable Cow Pot that helps heal soil and support healthy plant growth. Start indoors, then transplant outdoors into your garden. Great for kids and families!

Cow Pots are 100% biodegradable, natural, sustainable, recycled and eliminate the need for plastic because it’s the bio pot you plant! Tender, young roots easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of CowPots, growing freely. This allows for air pruning and formation of root buds. Secondary root development throughout the pot grow into dense, healthy root systems recognized as critical to growing healthy plants.

  • 5" L x 5" W x 5" H
  • Includes cowpot vessel, seeds, instructions
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed by Modern Sprout
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