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East Coast Candle

East Coast Candle

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East Coast - a love letter to the Atlantic Coast, and the love of fragrance in general. Botanica's bestselling body fragrance is now available in a large, double-wick candle - perfect for filling your whole home with fragrance. Ambroxan, the molecule that gives ambergris it's natural, sought-after scent, provides the base of this blend. Then added truly fresh, green florals, sea salt & sea kelp, and a whiff of light musk to lend a creamy finish. East Coast rings like a classic beauty - wind whipped, effervescent, and mellow-edged.

Notes: Amber, Iris, Kelp, Musk

  • 16 oz. | double-wick candle
  • Textured ceramic vessel
  • Benefits Surfrider Foundation
  • Made in the USA
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