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Keanu Reeves' Guide to Kindness

Keanu Reeves' Guide to Kindness

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Keanu Reeves' Guide to Kindness is an illustrated guide to how we can all spread a little more love.

Including 50 simple acts, such as holding the door open for someone, donating clothes and books to charity and smiling at a stranger, and accompanying illustrations featuring Keanu himself, this book implores us to be kind. Always.

Over the past few years, tales of Keanu Reeves' kindness and generosity have taken over the internet. From giving away millions of his earnings from The Matrix to the trilogy's special effects and costume team, to graciously giving up his subway seat to a fellow passenger and respecting women's personal space when posing for photos with them, no act of kindness is too big or too small for this acting giant.

  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
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