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New Rural: Where to Find It and How to Create It

New Rural: Where to Find It and How to Create It

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New Rural is a stunning photo-filled guide for anyone dreaming of living a simpler life. Get lost between these pages and wander through new ways of living.
How do you design your life? New Rural: Where to Find It and How to Create It is an interior design book for a new way of living that combines the space and freedom of rural existence with the connections and opportunities of the modern world. It is a guide for those dreaming of moving to the country; inspiration for anyone who craves touches of rural magic and cottagecore in their home – wherever that may be; and it is a window on the distinctive allure of Australia's vibrant regional towns.

Authored and photographed by interior designer Ingrid Weir, this creative book is much more than a manual or compilation of pretty interiors. New Rural includes profiles of towns that embody authentic and original rural living, offers guidance on how to find and create it yourself, and detours to subjects such as bringing the outside in, having friends to stay, mixing the old with the new, the importance of texture, and why food eaten outside tastes better. This is a book about place and space, meaning and connection. It exists at a unique intersection, bringing together Ingrid's expertise from film and television, interior design and her personal project renovating the old schoolmaster's house in the gold-rush town of Hill End, New South Wales.

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
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