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Shine Bright - Radiant Positivity Kit

Shine Bright - Radiant Positivity Kit

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Curated and thoughtful, this self-care focused gift set offers a botanical take on traditional gift-giving. Each kit is outfitted with a grow kit paired with various accessories. Made for those simple but serene moments you can find for yourself, when you can let go a little.

Includes: Sunflower Grow Kit in Self-Watering Bamboo Planter, Sunflower Seeds, Awaken Face Mist and Illuminate Sugar Scrub. Grow Kit includes a self-watering system outfitted in a bamboo planter, non-GMO sunflower seeds, soilless grow medium, plastic tray, wick, carbon, plant food and instructions for growing.

  • Non-GMO seeds
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed by Modern Sprout
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