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Women Making Waves

Women Making Waves

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Women Making Waves is a celebration of the sisterhood of surfing, featuring extraordinary women from the United States, Mexico, Australia, Senegal, Japan, France, the Philippines, and beyond. Lara Einzig profiles twenty-six inspiring female surfers from around the globe—from activists to artists—who are breaking new ground on land and finding healing, joy, and community in the water.   

There is Maya Gabeira, a Brazilian woman who surfed the biggest wave of anyone in 2020; Bonnie Wright, the British actress, activist, and author; Risa Mara Machuca, who runs a free surfing camp in Mexico for local children; and Zara Noruzi, an Iranian exile who found peace on the water in Australia.   

Through candid interviews on the transformational power of surfing, and with immersive photography of beautiful beaches, surf shacks, and favorite breaks, Einzig captures the life-altering strength and resilience that these women discover in the water.

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